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Our Wines

We are proud to say we are a vineyard with a long history which dates back to 1914, which already was beginning to produce grapes and wine friendly and amenable to processing; pleasantly surrendering to the taste of our customers and consumers.

Founder of The Vineyard Ramos Valdivia, T. Nelson Ramos, until the last days of life thought to work and implement new and innovative "trend" to characterize and give content to their wines. This thought drives his heirs to start the bottling, which is beginning to materialize with the brand 3Gen in the foreign market and Ambrosia in the domestic market.

Shortly after meeting a century in the development and sale of bulk wines both domestically and abroad; Viña Ramos Valdivia I start earning a place in the world of bottled wine, inspired to publicize their privileged "terroir "of this latitude south of the world including the new winemaking techniques.

The Family